Taleemabad is an online learning platform that makes education come to life so that, through cartoons and games, learning can be made fun.

We’ve all sat in an early morning class as kids, lost in thought about the cartoons we saw at breakfast that morning while getting ready for school. What if the cartoons you saw and the games you played were actually getting you ready for school?

Why learn through cartoons, storytelling and games?

  • One of the greatest challenges we face in school is developing an interest in education
  • Another question that arises in everyone’s minds at some point is, “Why study?”

Taleemabad is an animated series aligned with the national curriculum of Pakistan that teaches Maths, English, Urdu and General Knowledge for Nursery to Grade 3 and Grade 6 through highly engaging cartoons that use examples from daily life to explain concepts and teach literacy and numeracy.

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