Top 5 Kids Learning Apps


Rapid is the pace at which the world is changing. We went from horseback to cars to flying across the skies and speeding across the oceans. And now education and learning have reached new milestones by providing opportunities to acquire knowledge online and remotely. Education should be the birthright of every human being regardless of his or her gender, social status, place of birth, and color of skin. In today’s progressive, modern, and both socially and technologically advanced era, several online platforms have taken on the challenge of providing education, knowledge, and opportunities for learning. These platforms have adopted unique and innovative ways to distribute information and encourage learning among young children. The online applications developed by these platforms offer a variety of learning techniques and approaches while maintaining ease of interaction between the users and the applications. Platforms like Taleemabad, Muse, Learn Smart Pakistan, Urdu Games for Kids, and Jugnoo Urdu App are recognized as top 5 kids learning apps. These apps have been bringing online education to Pakistan and helping kids learn in a fun way.


The first app to be mentioned demands special attention and accolade. This application serves a purpose much nobler than traditional education. Taleemabad is one of the first online apps that take into account the situation of the less privileged children of Pakistan. These kids do not have the means to enroll in a traditional schooling system thus cannot acquire education. It is one of the top 5 kids learning apps. Taleemabad has brought education and learning to one’s fingertips. It was launched on phones and became accessible to almost every household in Pakistan. The entire purpose of Taleemabad was to also give a chance to children residing in remote areas, slums, and villages of Pakistan. So that the children could get off the streets and even if they did not have access to schools, they would still have a way to learn and grow. Taleemabad has reached a whopping 125,000 users and has arrived at a fortuitous time in Pakistan, as the country faces an education enigma. The main focus is not only on the academic development of the children but also on their moral and ethical development. The courses and curriculum have been endorsed by the Ministry of Federal Education of Pakistan and highly recommended. This platform provides both online and offline activities. It covers all fundamental subjects like Math, Science, Urdu, English, History, and Geography. Taleemabad boasts over 300 animated videos and cartoons covering all subjects. It also houses over 3000 games, tests, quizzes, and exercises to analyze the child’s learning and performance. Taleemabad offers a premium version to kids from nursery to grade 5 the package of videos, questions, and helping material for a cost of 1200 PKR. For access to more videos and more content, a package of 2000 PKR is available for nursery to grade 5 students. The cartoon characters have a very exciting Pakistani culture touch to their personalities which makes education very fun and relatable. Children are more excited to study and have fun with their cartoon friends. One of the character sprites also had cancer in order to support children undergoing chemotherapy and help them feel more comfortable and recognized. The app is completely free and easy to access and use. The application helps the children develop empathy and humanity by taking them on adventures with classic heroes and in stories of Pakistan. Taleemabad also offers the interface in different languages thus coming out as the elite kids learning app in Pakistan. The aim, the message, and the service provided by Taleemabad surely set high standards for technology and education facilities.

Jugnoo Urdu App

Another budding and a comparatively new app is called Jugnoo Urdu App. The app adopts a creative and joyful approach to imparting education to children. The learning experience is made fun and easy to follow, thus allowing the children to participate enthusiastically and be able to keep up at their own pace. The educational needs of first graders, kindergarteners, toddlers, and preschoolers are covered. Jugnoo Urdu App provides opportunities to learn skills like reading, writing, language, and math. Another great feature of the app is that it helps in the social-emotional development of the kids and encourages creativity and self-expression by providing open-ended activities and games like coloring and drawing. It is regularly updated and refined for smoother and fun interaction thus bringing it under the wings of the top 5 kids learning apps. Pakistan’s leading research organizations have appreciated Jugnoo Urdu App and it has been developed in direct collaboration with educational experts. It covers content for the kids and teachers and allows for a more complete experience. Jugnoo Urdu App focuses on the academic and extra-curricular growth of the young students and gives them guidance and direction. The lessons are also available in Urdu, thus reaching a far wider range of audiences and students.


Muse by Sabaq is a Pakistani developed masterpiece that is a part of the top 5 kids learning apps. The application is part of a bigger and greater organization called Sabaq. Sabaq aims to merge technology and education to provide a more streamlined and digitalized experience to its young users. Muse aims to make lessons and learning fun and engaging while increasing student performance. Muse’s digital and fun interface takes children from their rooms to exciting and new worlds and places far away. A total of more than 1000 digital lessons, ranging from Math, Urdu, Science, and English to exercises outside of class allows the children to learn the fundamentals. Animated characters and interactive sounds keep the young students engaged and excited to learn. Quick quizzes and practice tests help analyze the stronger and weaker points of a student’s learning, thus proving essential feedback for further action and direction. Muse also manages to keep the teaching perspective in the picture. The application has made breakthroughs in providing teachers with just the right kind of interactive and engaging lessons for their students. The user-friendly interface allows the teachers to interact easily and surely, thus definitely increasing the quality of education. Muse has taken a step further from traditional education and introduced lessons that benefit not only the academic knowledge of the child but also the social skills needed to move in society. Students get a chance to build skills like communication, teamwork, critical thinking, and collaboration. Muse also collaborates with schools and higher education systems to create a more useful and accepted education model. The app is rated 4.4/5 in google play store and users have left encouraging, impressed and supportive reviews in the comments. This well-known app has been featured in Techjuice, Business Recorder, Dawn, The News, and Mashable Pakistan.

Learn Smart Pakistan

Learn Smart Pakistan is another honorable mention for the top 5 kids learning apps for children in Pakistan. The application advocates a much more fun and exciting way of teaching and learning. Learn Smart, aims for children slightly older than the ones mentioned earlier. It benefits the teachers and students both thus defying conventional education methods and systems. Learn Smart has over 800 Learning videos and around 10,000 Assessment questions. Learn Smart Pakistan also has a very unique and innovative way of encouraging students to work harder by offering rewards. All the users get a chance to win badges after completion of tasks or assessments and climb up the revision ladder. The sense of competition helps keep the children interested and motivated. The advanced social media platforms surrounding the application provide a healthy environment for the children to interact and learn. 9th and 10th-grade teachers and students are given a chance to partake in Learning Challenges and be eligible to win gift hampers and tablets. Learn Smart is one of Pakistan’s most innovative learning platforms and it aims to distribute high quality and specially developed educational material to Pakistan’s learning community. Learn Smart is also working to promote and strengthen the bond and connection between teachers and students and aid them to excel in excellence. And the app is completely free and highly recommended by schools and teachers who have implemented the app. The reviews mention the innovative and impressive way Learn Smart Pakistan takes on learning and education.

Urdu Games for Kids

The last application of the top 5 kids learning apps has an altogether different approach to learning and education. Urdu Games for Kids focuses on the cognitive and learning abilities of the children while building a solid base in language. Both English and Urdu versions of the app are available. The application aims to stimulate and encourage the learning of toddlers, preschool kids, children in kindergarten, and primary schools. As in the name, games are the primary source of education for the children. The games range from Logical games, Educational games, memory games, etc. The games are customizable and selective thus allowing the users to cater to the learning requirements of the child. The application uses colors, shapes, and sounds to educate and show the kids how the world is and how things work. Urdu Games for Kids has very well-developed education levels and models thus allowing a wide range of age groups to learn and benefit from the application. The app teaches alphabets, numbers, puzzles, and stories to the kids. Another very creative aspect of the Urdu Games for Kids is the family games part. In this part, the whole family can play collectively thus increasing interaction and encouraging engagement and fun. This feature also allows the family to learn together and bond. The application is free and can be operated offline thus opening several possibilities for learning.


Pakistan is truly fortunate to have so many platforms and hardworking individuals who are trying to give everybody a chance at education. Mentioned above are the top 5 kids learning apps. These applications are pioneering the future of education and learning in Pakistan. Their ambition is to educate children academically and morally. They aim to encourage a society that will be humane and empathize with each other. These children are the future of the country and it is a noble cause to equip them with knowledge and learning opportunities. Only then can we achieve excellence.

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