About US

Our Mission

The Taleemabad App is a product of the Orenda Project, which started out as a school in Bheyka Saidiyan, a slum in the capital city of Islamabad. The school was established to provide street children a safe haven and an education. As we taught in the school and travelled around the country we noticed that the problem was much larger.

We also noticed that across Pakistan, smartphones are spreading at a blistering speed. By 2020, according to GSMA, 51% of Pakistanis are expected to own smartphones. This will happen in the same country where 48% of children cannot read a simple sentence by the time they complete primary education in public schools.

Our mission is simple: to use technology to bridge this divide and provide engaging, high quality digital education to the masses.


Provide An Extraordinary Experience

The Taleemabad Apps have been designed to not just be entertaining and eye-catching but also to provide the smoothest learning experience to maximize learning gains.

In the past, the Taleemabad brand of teaching has led to a 31% increase in test scores and a 70% reduction in dropouts. We aim to help children everywhere discover themselves and nurture their minds by using examples from everyday life so that whatever children learn, they can benefit from it in the present.

Our Core Values

As children, we have all sat in an early-morning class, distracted by thoughts about the cartoons we saw that morning while getting ready for school. What if the cartoons we watch help us study, instead of distracting us?

This is why our content is