Never Stop Learning

Careers At Taleemabad

Transform the Educational landscape in Pakistan

We are a group of individuals who are part activists and are working hard towards changing the educational landscape in Pakistan. Join one the fastest growing ed-tech companies in Pakistan to build your career and make a meaningful impact.

Our values

For the past five years, we have built a company that holds the following values very dear to itself:


The ability to put our faith in other people in this family.


Being candid not just in appreciation but in criticism too.


The ability to look at the world from a child’s perspective.


To never imagine any goal as being audacious or too large.

Confucian work ethic

To not just imagine audacious goals, but work incredibly hard to get to them.


Finally, the ability to remain grounded and to be kind to others on this journey.


Being comfortable with discomfort and uncertainty on this very hard mission.

Current openings

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