Math Worksheets for Grade 3


Worksheets are being used by generations. Along with time, the worksheets have evolved. At first the worksheets were questions written by teachers on pieces of papers. This was indeed a very difficult job, as the teacher had to write so many pages. Later, as the technology evolved worksheets became modernized where the teacher would write on a single sheet and get photocopies of that. As time progressed teachers started designing worksheets on computers and got them printed. With the advancing technology, the worksheets which could be solved and submitted online were introduced. These worksheets were utilized by institutes for online quizzes and assessments. Taleemabad also makes use of worksheets to enable students to study and practice concepts in a fun way. With the help of these worksheets, students study and practice concepts and also gain new information. Learning is no more like a chore to children it becomes interesting and they study without even realizing it.

Help Kids in Developing Reading Skills

Reading skills are the skills to read the written text and not only read but understand and comprehend what was just read. It is essential for kids to develop reading skills. Reading skills enable us to extract meaning from written text. Kids gain vocabulary from their surroundings but the most suitable source is through reading. When kids read, they come across a lot of new words. Out of curiosity kids ask for the meaning of those unknown words. These words are added to the vocabulary list of the child and remain there forever. For improving vocabulary, kids need to read. Reading makes kids become independent as they are able to read without the help of parents or teachers. Kids can read with more confidence and understand things on their own which is essential. Comprehending written content is not only useful for English comprehensions but it also comes into play for interpreting what was written in the question. They say eighty percent of the question is solved if you can understand the question and know what was being asked. Reading skills are helpful and play a role in every individual’s life. Kids get better at learning. Taleemabad app promotes better reading skills in children. Children are provided with good reading content so they can go through the worksheets and develop this habit of reading. English comprehension worksheets for grade 2 help kids to go through numerous comprehension passages. These worksheets not only assist in enhancing the comprehension solving skills of children but also the reading skills get better.

Mastering Basic Grammar

Knowing grammar is essential due to the fact that it’s the grammar that helps us to speak regarding the language. Grammar identifies the kinds of terms and sets of words that not only help in the formation of sentences in English but in any dialect. Although for being capable of learning about how statements are formed and about kinds of words and their classifications, is exactly what understanding grammar is. This understanding opens a gateway into the human brain and into the complicated mental capabilities to comprehend grammar. For understanding a language thoroughly grammar is needed. Writing a language for kids is still easier, for you make mistakes and those are corrected by teachers but when it comes to speaking, kids make mistakes and sometimes those mistakes continue for ages. For being able to speak English well grammar is needed. Now the problem arises that how do we make our kids master basic grammar? There are only limited worksheets and classes at school. We cannot randomly trust any website for we are not sure about the authenticity. Taleemabad has the best resources for teaching grammar. English grammar worksheets for grade 2 pdf help aid kids in learning basic grammar. These worksheets are not ordinary and are designed by experts to make students learn grammar in a fun way.

Learning is Made Interesting

In the curriculum of young students, there are many new and interesting topics. It is a part of human nature that all human beings are attracted to modern things and want to experience and experiment with new stuff. So is the case with studies, when children are good in a certain subject they very happily study the new chapters and want to explore the new concepts. English like other subjects also has interesting topics. Among those topics which are fun to learn is picture description. Students like to see animations and pictures even in textbooks children explore the pages to find pictures to look at. Kids are often seen skimming the pages of the books of their elder siblings to find pictures and make assumptions about them. Kids form stories by looking at those figures. This is what picture description is that by looking at a picture you have to describe what is going on in the picture. Children are habitual of describing pictures verbally but when it comes to writing they find it quite difficult. Taleemabad app has come up with a solution. English picture description worksheets for grade 2 offer assistance to students in developing interest in attempting picture description exercises. When kids practice many creative picture description questions, they gradually develop the habit of writing the stories they have been forming for a long time.

Learning Fast and Rapidly

Children are very restless and are always running happily. Be it any activity such as eating, sleeping, reaching somewhere, and especially studying, kids just want to be done with everything fast. It is challenging to find out ways to speed up the process of studies. Worksheets are the best way to enable kids to study fast and summarize all the concepts in a short span of time. Taleemabad provides reliable worksheets which aim to make children learn most of the content rapidly and efficiently.


Taleemabad English worksheets provide students with the best opportunity to implement what was taught, to gain new concepts, to practice more, and to gain more knowledge. These worksheets are a reliable source of knowledge and a platform for testing the gained knowledge.

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