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Your child deserves the best education possible

Your child deserves the best education possible

Quality education in an affordable price

If you have kids, or know someone who does, then you’ve probably heard of Taleemabad.

Taleemabad is a revolutionary new way to learn that combines the best of both worlds – cartoons and games! Kids will be entertained while they learn everything from math to science. By building projects, such as constellations from toothpicks, and robots from recycled materials, kids will also learn how things work in real life.

Your child deserves the best education possible. That’s why Taleemabad is affordable and within reach for all parents. This is a solution that is great not only for children but also for parents too – because it makes life easier and more fun!

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Pakistan’s #1 learning app

Taleemabad is Pakistan’s favourite cartoon and games based education app. It guarantees that no matter what age your child, they will ace Maths, Science, English and all other subjects in just 10 minutes a day with our fun learning videos which are specially made for children by educators from across Pakistan!


Parents and experts love Taleemabad

In this video, our Academic Lead and mentor Ms Nadia tells parents why they should admit their child into a Taleemabad School. Why choose us? First of all we can help your child to grow academically with expert designed lessons in Mathematics, English Language Arts and Science from pre-Kindergarten up until Grade 5.
We also offer extracurricular activities like STEM projects so that children learn to apply their learning as well.


Sing along with Taleemabad

Sing along to the famous, loved Taleemabad theme song with your children and get to know our characters in the process!


A sneak peak into funcharged learning

Here’s what Taleemabad looks like on the inside. Is your child confused about how fulcrums, levers and simple machines work?
So are the characters in Taleemabad. But they’ll figure it out during the course of the lesson. What’s more - your child will no longer be confused either!


Gamified tests to measure learning

It’s not enough for a child to learn a topic. They must also apply it too! Taleemabad’s App features over 40,000 assessments and games, to make sure that your child gets to solve sums on their own too. The result - you know exactly what they know and what they don’t.

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