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Build the school of the future

Build the
school of the


Build a strong, stable business helping children get the best education possible!

We understand that running a school can be tough. When you partner with us, we help you reduce this burden and become your partners in success. We are the only company in Pakistan providing both academics and business solutions to existing schools!

  • Marketing and Branding to help you increase admissions
  • Digital Teacher Training to upskill your teachers
  • Comprehensive Curriculum and Academics
  • Access to our entire library of Content for N-5th grade
  • Free Access to our Learning App for at home learning

Interested in building the school of the future?


Marketing and Branding to help you increase admissions

Taleemabad supports you extensively to improve your brand and get more admissions; including but not limited to:
  • Sharing Taleemabad’s brand for better outreach
  • Setting up digital marketing for you
  • Supporting with offline marketing campaigns
  • Using our broadcast and mobile app which is used by 1.4 million Pakistanis


Digital Lesson Plans and assessment

Tired of replacing, changing, or training teachers? We’re here to help. We provide step by step, minute by minute lesson plans made by educational experts, so anyone in your school can become a world class teacher. The lesson plans are supplemented by over 700 videos on Pakistan’s curriculum, as well as over 40,000 assessments. We combine this with a state of the art teacher training program that sets your teachers up for success!


Digital Teacher Training to upskill your teachers

Taleemabad’s teacher training program has been designed to enable your school administration and teachers to take micro-trainings at their convenience to learn from anywhere!


World class, digitally enabled curriculum

Our curriculum has been designed by the most experienced, innovative educators. It has been recognized internationally for its effectiveness. We also have every lesson and its tests available on a mobile app, so that your students can continue learning throughout holidays or school closures.

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